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Gaming for social good

“Gaming for social good” use technologies and game-based learning, games with a purpose and gamification (or game thinking and mechanics in a real-world context).

When engage in play of any kind, people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and ages can connect and learn that - despite their difference - they still have a lot in common. Gaming provide the platform for this authentic, collaborative play that broadens perspectives and builds new communities by connecting people who may otherwise have never met.

Funatiko was established with the core principle that life should be fun. While at play we learn valuable skills that include social, cognitive and physical development. Play is communication and expression, combining thought and action; it gives satisfaction and a feeling of achievement.

Funatiko's Play to Learn and Play to Earn enable skills learnt through play to transition to real world career. Online to Offline gaming, event, competition, and education encourage a journey of natural curiosity and exploration from metaverse to your own YOUniverse.


Funatiko was established to unify all our various group of companies experience and all our team members deep knowledge in automation, gaming, e-sports, data science, VR/AR/MR, event management and social program just to name a few.

Creative utilization of technologies combined with curious exploration and education, we aim to create unique experiences and an all inclusive fun environment so that everyone can participate in our play to learn and play to earn activities.

Funatiko's platform will foster innovations through play to elevate our community not only toward future jobs but high value jobs while at the same time nurture a sense of social responsibility.

The demand for technology innovation is high. The game industry is one of the most technologically advance. Game technologies, such as computer imaging, graphic resolution, high-speed interactivity, and touch feedback, have found application into other sectors, such as medical imaging, architecture, design, military, and engineering. Technology such as AR and VR is used in many industries such as advertising, automotive, healthcare, museum, education and more .


Real Tracks

Real Vehicles

Real Reward

All Inclusive

Asia Cross Country Rally

An FIA Sanctioned Event that has been held since 1996.

Singha ChiangRai

Road Bike and Mountain Bike Challenge


Over 25 Years of experience in the gaming industry from game development, marketing, promotion, and monetization.

aSia-pacific E-Sports Association

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